Mexican designer and illustrator ARAM HUERTA talked to us about what inspires him, cultural promotion and interaction with other disciplines.


MAZIPOS – How would you describe your work for those that aren’t familiar with it?

ARAM HUERTA – I’d say it’s a fusion, an hybrid or some sort of miscegenation. I think of my work as a musical polyrhythm, which is often described as the simultaneous use of two or more conflicting rhythms that together bring an unique piece.


huerta6M – Your work as a vernacular feel that it’s very familiar. The symbols you use remind me of a complex and baroque imaginary… I’m curious of where do you get your ideas from?

AH – I believe ideas are product of what it feeds your senses, everything that you recognize from daily life: colors, sounds, silences, words, textures, geometry, etc.



M – Besides your prolific work as a designer, you’re also a very active cultural promoter. Do you think the artist should ge beyond its work?

AH –Of course! I believe we all have to interact with others and try to express ourselves in different ways… that enhances our ideas, as if we were part of the same continuous flow. When you have people from other fields around you, it enriches the way you think, feel and perceive life. When you join forces with others, you can immediately see the power generated because there’s invested energy… and that generates community, fraternity, respect and compromise.


M – This year you’re going to be jury at the the International Poster Biennal in Mexico, tell us about your experience there…

AH – I feel it’s a huge responsibility! Furthermore, it’s a ‘formal’ commitment with my craft. But I’m excited with the idea of sharing with other people from different parts of the world and see their way to evaluate, decode and interpret the posters.huerta4


M – Besides being recognized for your work as illustrator and graphic designer, you also frequent other fields like street art, dance or even gastronomy… What other disciplines you’d like to explore? What are your plans as a creator?

AH – The craft of the graphic design is one of the things I’m more passionate about, but I like to step into other fields that allow me to grow as a person too. If you pay full attention to any discipline where your body and mind feel compatible is like surrender to the arms of life.

My plans include chilling next to the sea with a beer and get lost on its cooing.









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